A Series of Mentoring Sessions
with Wellness Experts

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  • The Power of Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
  • Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution with David Crow
Notable Speakers:
Norm Shealy
Founder and CEO of National Institute of Holistic Medicine
Dr. Joan Borysenko
Best-selling Author, Health Expert
John Gray, Ph.D.
Bestselling Relationship Author
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
Gregg Braden
Best-selling Author, Pioneer in Bridging of Science and Spirituality
Terry Wahls, MD
Clinical Prof. of Medicine
Pedram Shojai
Director, Author, Chi Gong Practitioner, Philanthropist
Larry Dossey, MD
Internal Medicine Physician, MD, Former Chief of Staff at Medical City Dallas Hospital
Deborah Rozman
President and CEO of HeartMath Inc., Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee
Laura Dawn
Author, Speaker, Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef & Founder of Happy & Raw
Alison Armstrong
Author, Educator & Co-Founder of PAX Programs, Home of the 'Queen's Code' Workshop Series
Alisa Vitti
Integrative Nutritionist, Author
Brandon Bays
Motivational Author and Speaker
Guy Finley
Bestselling Self-Realization Author and Teacher
David Crow
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Author, Educator
Cherie Calbom
The Juice Lady
David Wolfe
Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert
Donna Eden
Author of Energy Medicine & Teacher
Carol Tuttle
Master Energy Healer
Dawson Church
Bestselling author of The Genie in Your Genes
David Feinstein
Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of the Energy Medicine Institute
Manuela Mischke Reeds
Co-Director of the Hakomi Institute of California, International Teacher, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Writer
Chunyi Lin
Qigong Master, Founder of Spring Forest Qigong
Kute Blackson
Transformational Guide, Leader & Visionary
Gay Hendricks
Founder of The Hendricks Institute
Geneen Roth
NY Times Bestselling Author, Speaker and Teacher
Jonathan Goldman
Director of the Sound Healers Association, President of Spirit Music, Inc.
Ocean Robbins
CEO and Co-host of The Food Revolution Network
Alberto Villoldo
Medical Anthropologist, Psychologist, Author, Founder of the Four Winds Society
Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa
President of the American Herbalists Guild, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Dietitian
Holly Tse
Teacher, Author, Healer and Dragon Spirit Guide
Tomasa Macapinlac
The Self-Care Queen, Dipl. Of ABT, President of the first San Fransisco Bay Area Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Nadine Artemis
Author of Holistic Dentistry and Creator of Living Libations
Daniel Vitalis
ReWilding Pioneer, Health Motivator & Strategist, Creator of FindASpring.com, Founder of SurThrival.com
Ishwari Jay
Founder of Yogabhava and Celebreath®, Yoga, Breath & Meditation Teacher, Healer, Entrepreneur
Sobonfu Some
Founder of Wisdom Spring, Respected Activist and Author
Donna Gates
Best-selling Author, Teacher
Dr. Robyn Benson
Dr. of Oriental medicine Founder of the Self Care Revolution and Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health

Hosted by

Stephen Dinan
CEO The Shift Network
Alison Marks
The Shift Network
Ben Hart
The Shift Network

Are You Ready to Break Through Old Patterns of Struggle, Stress and Sickness... and Step into a Life of Vitality, Joy and Love for Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul?

NOW is the Time!

There is a powerful positive, transformational energy awakening in the world and in YOU. The vibration within the collective consciousness has never been more conducive to creating optimal wellness on all levels – body, mind, heart and soul!

The fact that you’ve arrived here at the Winter of Wellness means you are ready to shift out of struggle and stress, solitude and sickness (and all forms of suffering)... and discover new practices and energies that foster a life overflowing with health, joy and a deep connection with your divine essence.

With the Winter of Wellness Summit series, you’ll learn from experts who will help you uncover the secrets for creating optimum, full spectrum health and wellness for yourself... and extending this invaluable wisdom to those you love. You’ll also discover insights and practices that will awaken, inspire and empower YOU to step into the highest and BEST expression of your true nature.

Vitality, Freedom, Peak Energy and
Youthful Vibrancy Await You!

Get ready to embark on a journey that can supercharge your whole life and positively impact the well-being of your family, your friends... and even your extended community.

With the Winter of Wellness series, you will find your way home to optimal wellness!

You’ll learn from master teachers who share the information, inspiration, tools and techniques you need to feel GREAT!

  • Isn’t it time to end the stress, the struggle, the pain, the suffering?
  • Isn’t it time to feel energized, vital, joyful and fully alive?
  • Isn’t it time to say “yes” to a life of optimum wellness?


  • How to tap into your body’s innate healing power
  • Nutritional techniques that enhance your natural beauty
  • Leading-edge, proven modalities that dramatically decrease stress
  • Processes that reduce or even dissolve chronic pain


  • Meditation techniques to tap the limitless power of the mind
  • Tools to minimize the “monkey mind” and take control of your thoughts
  • The leading edge of brain science
  • Deep insights into the mind-body connection


  • Your heart’s quiet but constant guidance
  • How to tap into the powerful electromagnetic heart field
  • Techniques to direct your heart’s healing capacity
  • The important role your heart plays in your mind-body connection


  • The deep peace always present at your core
  • Techniques to strengthen your intuition and inner guidance
  • Processes that align you with your divine purpose
  • How to work with healing “guides” and other positive healing forces

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